When it comes to team stress, the first piece of advice is to reduce the workload and implement an anti-stress technique.

Of course, it is now difficult for companies to allocate a budget for psychological assistance to employees. But in the long run it will benefit. After all, if an employee is under stress for a long time – his health deteriorates, relations in the team deteriorate, self-dissatisfaction grows. If in a moment of crisis the employee feels that the employer is ready to support him – the work will be associated with safety and mutual assistance. In the future, this employee will hold on to this position and trust the company more.

On the one hand, the support of psychologists for employees solves commonplace business problems: helps to stand out from the competition and attract better staff, helps reduce staff turnover, maintains employee efficiency, helps reduce the number of missed working days due to burnout. All this, in the end, affects the company’s revenues. On the other hand, companies strive to create such an atmosphere in their teams, where employees hear and respect each other, are able to communicate, solve complex problems with interest, defend their opinion. This is difficult to achieve at the current pace of work and life. Psychological support helps to solve this problem.

Corporate culture, which has the support of a psychologist, is relatively new for our country. Moreover, psychological assistance for employees is considered a privilege of big business. However, stress, high workloads, burnouts and conflicts are inherent in the employees of any company, even a small one. And the consequences of such problems similarly affect business efficiency.

The main risk factors for burnout are increased workload, lack of positive feedback and sufficient remuneration. You can try to cope with burnout yourself: strictly separate working hours and rest, follow a regimen, eat right, etc. But sometimes these measures are not enough…

IN-Person Corporate offers affordable solutions that allow businesses of all levels to use employee support programs and take care of their resource status. The cost of psychological help for employees pays off quickly, because the whole team begins to work more efficiently. In addition, people are more loyal to the company that takes care of them. This will prevent staff turnover.

The desire for development forces companies to restructure their business, change established processes and look for new ways to solve problems. Employees need increased dedication under constant stress. Managers have difficulty maintaining the efficiency of staff. The psychological support program is designed to help employees and managers solve personal problems that hinder effective work and increase company productivity.