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Чому well-being співробітників стає трендом

Why employee well-being is becoming a trend

We live in a time of rapid change. What is the basis of quality service now? It turned out that we live in an era when the company’s management should
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Psychological support trend or necessity?

When it comes to team stress, the first piece of advice is to reduce the workload and implement an anti-stress technique. Of course, it is now difficult for companies to
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Emotion management

“Emotion management. How the emotional component affects the state of the workplace” Mental health is just as important for mental work in the 21st century as physical health is for
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The value of the emotional component for the productivity of the company. The role of the manager

What happened? Recent research in the field of psychology proves that there is no dichotomy (bifurcation) between the presence of mental health problems and their absence. This means that the
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Tools for “treatment” of organizations or how to behave during a conflict of interest?

Conflict situations arise in any team. Sometimes a healthy conflict benefits, leads to discussions and opens up new ways to solve problems. But more often conflicts negatively affect the involvement
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Effective employee = healthy employee

And the point here is not in the temperature of 36.6. The mental health of employees is often more important, because with neurotic disorders, their ability to work can be
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