And the point here is not in the temperature of 36.6. The mental health of employees is often more important, because with neurotic disorders, their ability to work can be reduced to 40-60%.

People spend most of their day within the company, but they also have a life outside of it. And with it there are personal problems, or unexpected misfortune, or just some anxiety. It is naive to assume that when coming to work, a person leaves everything personal on the doorstep of the office.

In addition, within the team there are conflict situations and misunderstandings, both within project teams and between managers and subordinates. Often their cause is not malicious intent, but in non-communication, gaps in communication, and, as a consequence, differences in expected results. This means that it is in the interests of the employer not only to create favorable conditions for a harmonious emotional state at work, but also to help employees get back on track.

Conflicts, changes in corporate status, dismissals, especially from management positions, industrial burnout – the main problems that require the intervention of an uninvolved psychologist.

IN-Person Corporate Employee Support is able to help business leaders, top managers or individual employees and their teams work more efficiently, get rid of anxiety symptoms and improve their emotional state.

Specialists have a wide range of specializations – from organizational psychology to social. Based on their knowledge, skills and abilities, they understand what is happening at the moment with the founders and employees of the company, and what are the motives for their behavior. In addition to this personal aspect, business psychologists understand the dynamics of business and imagine how businesses work at the system level. After all, a one-time program without further support makes no sense and can worsen the well-being of employees. For example, a one-time visit to a psychologist does not radically change the condition of staff. And the constant presence of psychological support can change everything.

The experience of Western companies proves that the work of specialists in the field of mental health is the norm. Employee Support Services programs are becoming increasingly popular in Ukrainian companies, which are actively developing and realize that employees and their emotional background – the main asset of the company.

With the help of the Employee Support Service, employees receive appropriate psychological assistance, are under psychometric supervision, and receive advice from specialists. IN-Person Corporate specialists in group work provide tools that the team can use in the future in solving problems independently. Group events bring together people who are often deprived of the opportunity to communicate with each other, especially in remote work.

Unlike private practice, corporate psychological support provides a tripartite contact – between the company, employee and psychologist. This takes into account the interests and needs of all parties. Within a corporation, psychologists talk to an employee about the company, about the processes within it, and about the relationship to it or to the people within the company.

Personal aspects that may affect the employee’s work in the company and his emotional state are also considered. Complex situations can be identified and recommended for more in-depth study as part of personal therapy.